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Letter from NaTania.....


I just wanted to take a second to say that it means the world to me that you're even viewing this page right now! I am a young black woman in this world trying to make a difference and explore all of my interests. I say that to say, I have no idea what you'll see put on this site as far as product and content. Quite literally whatever my heart desires. The whole idea of this merch line was all conceived in less than a months time. I've managed to get together all of the materials I needed, schedule a photoshoot with some of my closest friends, and publish a whole website myself. To say that I'm driven is an understatement. I have a lot of things ahead of me in this world and you've officially jumped on the journey with me. This particular piece was extremely cathartic for me to be able to create in this way, during a time in the world when there was less opportunity for performing artists to do their thing. Thank you in advance for your support and even if I don't know you, I love you. Feel free to send me messages and comments with questions and let me know what you think of everything!

This wouldn't be right if I didn't give a few specific thank you's!! 

First of course to God for absolutely everything.

To my family for always being the most supportive people. Whenever I decide I'm going to do something, they are right there for whatever I need.

To my photoshoot models and brand ambassadors Michelle, Teonna, Diane, Tina, Theresa, Angelica, Dominique, Tristan, Savannah, Jorden, Desiree, Cathy, Augustus, Rod, Syntyia, Jason, Toni, and Kent.

To my photographer Damone Mayfield (Mayfield Media)

To my makeup artist Nashira Swift-Mckeller (IMakeupND) who also designed my logo (NashirasDesign)

I could be here all day thanking people who have been instrumental in my growth throughout the years. Please just know once again, I love you all!!!!

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