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We had an amazing time at our kickoff fundraiser event....


Board of Directors


President and Founder NaTania B Parker💕

Miss Parker is a graduate of the integrated conservatory program at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC. She brings to the foundation her passion for the arts, years of dance and experience in collegiate performing arts training. NaTania’s dream is to be able to nurture young artists and help them on their journeys in the ways that she had help and also all the ways she wishes she did. ✨✨✨

Vice President Desiree L Parker💕

What better person to be second in command than the one who started it all?! Desiree is NaTania’s mother, but also her bestfriend and biggest cheerleader. She gave her the gifts of being well rounded in every activity her heart desired, but also planted the seed of community service and sharing her gifts selflessly with the world. Ms. Parker brings to the foundation a strong business background in management, accounting, consulting and more! A key player in making sure our affairs run smoothly and professionally. Plus she also has over 20 years experience being a dance mom. ✨✨✨


Secretary Robin M Malay💕

Robin is NaTania’s aunt and closest sibling to her father. She’s one of the most honest people and was an immediate thought to be on the team when this foundation was beginning to form. Ms. Malay has a background working for the city of Buffalo and is currently working to get her degree in Forensics. She brings to the foundation her compassion, understanding and knowledge of the inner workings of the city of Buffalo. The scholarship will not be limited to Buffalo residents, but it is hyper-focused to those students because it’s the city that raised NaTania. ✨✨✨

Treasurer Yolandra D Baker💕

She’s affectionately known to most as Diane! A woman who couldn’t make an enemy if she tried. She is by far one of the sweetest and most genuine people you could ever meet. Ms. Baker sells insurance by day and is the owner of a mobile bartending company by night. She brings to the foundation positivity, unlimited support and her contacts in the local business world with a stellar resume. A breath of fresh air and ball of fun needed for students of such a crazy industry. ✨✨✨


Director of Social Media Augustus R Donaldson Jr💕

Gus is the man behind the pages and posts! He was confidently chosen for that because of his charisma and skills in communication. NaTania and Augustus met during a local show and it was an immediate bond of energies. He currently holds a position as a production assistant for Paramount and is an award winning actor. He is also a graduate of the Buffalo Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts High School. Mr. Donaldson brings to the foundation his experience within the industry and really understanding what it takes. But also knowing, like NaTania, what’s needed for an artist to truly be their best self. ✨✨✨

Director of Outreach Jason Rowe💕

Yes, Jason the Buffalo basketball legend. But It’s his humanity that really makes him so dope and an important part of this team. Jason spent his life playing the game all over the US as well as overseas and is now dedicated to coaching the next generation of players. He’s also a #girldad to an intelligent almost two year old. Mr. Rowe brings to the foundation the mind of an athlete, with the experience to know what comes next. Being a performer or professional athlete is amazing, but it’s not forever. He’s been able to make a life for himself outside of just what people know him to do and that’s a super important thing for upcoming artists to really understand. ✨✨✨


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This drawing we were able to choose 2 additional winners.
Congratulations to them all!!!


Thank you Ashley for sending in this awesome video!!!

Image 8-31-21 at 5.10 PM 2.JPG

Again we were able to give away an additional set of tickets, congratulations to our winners who had an amazing time!!!

We are very excited that it was also some of their FIRST TIME seeing live theater!!!

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