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NBP Mentoring

Hey BB-Baes!!!

This post will be super short because it's so self explanatory. I just wanted the flyer posted on as many of my platforms as possible.

I said 2021 would be announcement after announcement and I cannot contain my excitement about this one any longer!! I always say my purpose is so much bigger than myself. The next part of my brand is giving back to the next generation eventually with scholarships, but for now I want to offer your children my time and resources. That said, this is entirely free and if you know anything about arts school tuition you know this is an invaluable opportunity. Please please please take advantage!!

I've had years of training coupled with the most amazing support system and crazy passion for the arts. I have so much wisdom and experience I want young artists to be able to have right now.

Applications for mentees open up next week. But I am taking volunteer applications right now. You do not need to be in the performing arts career field to have something valuable to say. And this will all be in the virtual format for now.

Again, I am sooo excited to hear from your artists!!!

See, that's it. Short! Thanks for checking in again... Byyyyeeeee

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1 Comment

This is fantastic I’ve always believed then when you’re a big giver That God will take care of you tenfold you need to put this together to have a press release put into the Challenger for next week please get it to me ASAP your grandpa may God bless you

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