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The Strength Series (Day 5)

Hey BB-Baes!!!

A huge part of my life, recovery and growth... believe it or not.. has come from me becoming a bartender. HUGE shoutout to my favorite Buffalo bar “Oakkroom.” I could’ve never predicted the people I would meet, the connections I would gain... the insane nights of partying lol. Half the world is closed and I still have the dopest relationships with my bosses and coworkers. They’ve certainly added to my support system, always pushing me to be better. The reason most people don’t realize I’m in my early twenties is because I get checked by my friends in their forties. And omg I can’t stress enough, I met the most amazing people. But seriously bartending will always have a special place in my heart because of how much knowledge it gave me about literally everything.

Thank you Oakkroom.

These are just a few of the dope opportunities I've had while working there the past few years. Hosting parties and being on these flyers gave me exposure I couldn't pay for. All of these things pictured aren't necessarily something the bar did for me directly, but the flexibility of having this job and the understanding from my bosses allowed me to be able to take advantage of these other opportunities while holding down a "survival job."

Work Family

Working at the bar was more than opportunities, my co-workers have become family. Again, I don't have a big family, so some of the closest people to me, I got to choose. Working with these awesome people actually helped me to grow up and gain wisdom beyond my years. Like I said the average age of my circle is around mid-thirties, so I'm able to not only be around those wiser than my own generation, but learn from their trial and error. I'm thankful beyond words for everything all of these people pour into me, and the network I've been able to build.

Check us out doing one of those internet trendy videos last year....

I can't give away all of the secrets I've learned as a bartender because that's what we do... we keep secrets. But I can't stress enough how grateful I was to have been a part of this team.

As always, Thank you for checking back... Byyeeeeee

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