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The Strength Series (Day 4)

Hey BB-Baes!!!

So how much you know about me, really depends on how you know me. But I’m a continuation of a legacy. My family paved ways for me in different arenas and even though I chose a completely different path, I didn’t “get it out the mud” and I have no shame about that. My mom was the Youngest African American Female Subway franchise owner at just 21 years old. This was after having me at 20, while in her sophomore year at Canisius College.... I could go on. The drive, ambition, and power wasn’t by accident. It was mandatory.

Greatness has been apart of my life, my entire life.

My family has always been a force pushing me to constantly be better. I used to think of it as a lot of pressure for the longest time. I am an only child and only grandchild, meaning there's a lot of attention on me. At a point in time I took that for them forcing me to be something I'm not. The thing is, they were really just pushing me to realize who I have yet to become. As I come into myself more and more each day, I'm starting to see what they saw in me literally from birth.

Fear of Failure

As a young artist every time I couldn't do something I felt a cloud of failure. First thing to kill that was that there became nothing that I couldn't do. Can't was no longer a part of my vocabulary. There isn't a fall I can't get up from, an injury I can't recover from, or a step I can't do if I put in the work. Last year in school at my end of semester conferences, my teacher told me the best part about me is my sense of fearlessness. Little did he know this was one of the best compliments of my life. I didn't need another person to tell me that I was talented, or special, or passionate etc. Not to be cocky, but people always tell me that. By telling me that my performance was coming across as fearless told me that the work I was doing on the inside was beginning to shine through.

My family

This is the blood who raised me. I had way too many outside influences to name, but from day one until now, this is who I've had to lean on. Everyone had their own areas of expertise. My mom and grandfather are big into the business world. My grandfather big in numbers and marketing and my mom being the strategist, face and name people know. My grandmother has held me down emotionally like grandmas do. We've bumped heads like crazy because our birthdays are only three days apart, but overall the lady has my back. My uncle would do anything within his power that he can for his baby girl. That's true about them all though. They would all do anything possible for their baby girl. I'll never stop being that baby, however they are so understanding of every single thing this baby is looking to do.

I don't really want to take this time to dwell on my past accomplishments, but just appreciate quickly where I come from and how excited I am for my future. I'm at a place in my life where I've never been more focused on my goals and bringing my happiness to pass... And I can't wait to show you all what that looks like!

Thanks for checking back again... Byyyyeeeee

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