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Shower time!!!

Hey BB-Baes!!

Disclaimer: I'm about to talk about two instances where I decided not to listen to my doctor. So Dr Gurske or Nora(my PA) if you happen upon this blog... look past this one. Please and thanks!!

It's been a few days you guys and again I really wanna talk to y'all everyday, but the way this damn medication is set up man listen lol. Quick story, I thought I was dope today and decided that I didn't need medication anymore after being less than a week post-op. I'm supposed to be taking Percocet and ibuprofen 800mg every 4 hours. If you know me, you know I stay healthy and active because I HATE being a slave to pharmaceuticals. Long story short, I wasn't ready. I put myself in a ton of pain. My mom laughed at me. I'm back on it, and I guess you can say I'm okay now. But yeah, so I had a rough morning.

So I'm here to talk about some of my day to day. Particularly, how much "fun" I have taking a shower. One of my after surgery instructions was not to shower for two weeks and just sponge bathe or wash up. One thing about me, I'm gonna shower. You can say a lot about me, but never that I stink... unless you catch me after a long dance day, but that's not a fair time to asses. Point is I'm not a dirty one. The reason they say this is because after surgery they put on a splint wrapped in these huge ace bandages, that cannot get wet. In two weeks, (well one week now) I'll get like the fun plaster colored cast that I'm not necessarily allowed to get wet, but the wounds will be way more protected essentially. Sooo what do I do, look for ways to do what I want, story of my life!

Pictured above you will see what I call my "giant shower condom" ....except I think it's more effective than a magnum. When I say this thing is airtight!! It feels super ghetto, but I definitely recommend. I don't have a link because these people aren't paying me to advertise, but you can easily find it if you need one for any reason. The funny part is that this tool was meant so that it can be in the water and I could shower like regular, but my mother doesn't trust it lol.

So pictured over here to your right is my leg hanging out the shower because my mom said if I wanna shower I gotta do it like this.

How do I have my entire leg outside the shower and my entire body inside the shower you may ask? And nope, not because my legs are just that long. My mom created this little contraption using an office chair to put in the shower. The towel is because it's metal and cold. Not that I have to explain myself to anyone, but the towel changes everyday just like my washcloth.

Are there chairs made for this? Yes. Are we gonna buy one? Nope!

So boom, I crawl into the shower, because I can't put absolutely any weight on it. That part of what my doctor said, I do listen to, mostly because I have no choice. I'll either fall out in pain or because my foot isn't strong enough to support me right now. Anyway, I crawl in and we have a detachable shower head, which is a major key, otherwise water would be everywhere. I wash myself as much as I can sitting down. When I go to wash my "no no area" I stand up(this is where my dancer skills come in). I put my leg up as if I'm stretching on a ballet barre and my mom holds it for me. Please understand how close me and my mother are, and I'm not ashamed of it so keep your judgment to yourself lol. So she holds my leg as I wash all the crevices, I hope y'all can picture it because I'm not posting a visual. Then of course the rinse cycle.

If you're having trouble imagining, combine these gifs in your mind, change it to a black woman, then substitute the barre for my mom and that's me!!!

So that's my shower time fun, it's way less glamorous and way more struggle than the explanation. I want to make a video blog for my next post, but I just been way too ugly to want to record. I told someone today that literally more people have seen me naked than have seen me in a bonnet. Anyway, as always feel free to comment below your thoughts and questions.

I just wanna leave y'all with a quote that someone I really respect and think is super dope said to me today. "Everyday past the surgery is another day in the path of healing."

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Jan 01, 2021

You gotta do what you gotta do!

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