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The Strength Series (DAY 1)

Hey BB-Baes!!!

So today I introduced "The Strength Series" on social media and now I bring it here! This past weekend I did this really dope photoshoot (S/O Mayfield Media) to document my experience with my injury. Those pics will be featured all over here and on my socials. I mentioned in my blog introduction that this was my second surgery inside of 4 years. In 2016 I had a knee surgery and I handled that a lot differently, in the worst ways. So in this post I want to talk about some of those differences.

This pic is giving off very much the epitome of what this Bad to the Bones Blog

actually is.

My brand is not "Unapologetically Imperfect" for no reason. It's who I am, the people I represent and everything I stand for. Do I strive for excellence? Do I work to give a quality product? Is it important to me to put my best foot(even the broken one) forward? All those answers are absolutely. But my number one priority is maintaining my happiness and embracing ALL of my imperfections.

So now that i've said all of that....

Let's Get Into It.

To set the scene... It's December 2016. I'm 20 years old. I just had to move home to Buffalo from Pennsylvania from college. Meaning I literally had dropped out. I was so miserable with what my life looked like. I broke off my first ever longterm relationship that wasn't serving me, but at the time was the hardest thing romantically I'd ever gone through. At this point I had dislocated my left knee five times and my right once. I got surgery two days before Christmas. That version of me back then could have never dreamed I would be that girl in the picture above. The growth i've had is truly immeasurable.

This girl right here has gone through the fire in 2020, and it made her strong. It only made her understand why. God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers. I'm ready for whatever is coming next(that is not a challenge Jesus). There were no pictures of the depression, the falls, the loneliness, the laying on the floor crying because I didn't''t know if I would never dance again. Etc... But that's fine because I'm not that girl anymore. Everything I do now is to make sure that I never get back to that dark state again. This time around because of the personal development and the amount of positivity I surround myself with now, I feel sooo much better these days. There are still hard times, but lord I feel so much better!!!!

So that's what I'll say for now, but more to come for sure. Oh yeah and if you wanted to see the knee surgery pics, I'm going to post one more giphy and directly under that will be those. So if you're weird about scars and stuff like that... hop out now! Byyeeeeee

Throwback Knee Surgery Pics!!!

(MPFL Reconstruction Surgery)

MPFL stands for medial patella femoral ligament

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