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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Hey, so if you're here, chances are you know me in real life or follow me on one of many of my socials. If not, I'm happy you were able to find me anyway and I can't wait to interact with you!

I'll get into more and more details about me as these posts go on. But the biggest thing you should know is that I have been training in dance for the past 20 years. My career goals are all performance based, and I won't stop until I get there. I've been blessed with an abundance of talent in dance, singing and acting. But along with that I've also had both a knee and foot surgery within a 5 year span and all while I'm under 25 years old. The foot surgery just happened this past week 12/21/20 and I decided this time around I would document my experience. I found myself in a very interesting position, being a young, black , injured, artist, enrolled in a performing arts conservatory, and running a business, during a global pandemic. If that wasn't enough... LIFE. Life is still happening to all of us. The list of battles i'm fighting is extensive. The point is that I want this to be a completely open forum to discuss, ask and answer questions.

I've decided to call this "The Bad to the Bones Blog" and as my readers, I'll refer to you guys as my "BB-Baes". Your "BB" might not stand for bad bones, but that's completely up to you!

I want to be clear I am not in any way a medical professional, and anything I say is from personal experience or told to me by my doctor. I welcome comments and opinions, but only love and no hate.

Because of the ebbs and flows of recovery and being prescribed narcotics, the format of this blog will be super laxed. Some days will be like a journal entry, other days may be a video of me just talking about my day, and you'll even get youtube videos here and there I came across, that I found interesting just to have dialogue about.

My interests include being passionate about all things creative (art, music, dance, photography etc). My favorite thing right now is the musical Hamilton, so guaranteed references to that will be found here!

So yeah, that was a cool first post I think. Go ahead if you feel comfortable introduce yourself in the comments and tell me a bit about you! Any fun surgeries? What are some of your interests? Even shamelessly plug your business if you want. It's also really important to know that this is a shame free place, I even posted this terrible picture of myself without so much as my contacts in to show ya'll that!

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